Experts in the manufacturing, generation, and application of chlorine dioxide. PureLine specializes in implementing chlorine dioxide solutions for healthcare, food prep, oil & gas, consumers and many other industries utilizing chlorine dioxide generators and precursor chemicals, around the world.

From B2B Chemical manufacturer to a new consumer B2C branded product.

In today’s world, chlorine dioxide has become a versatile solution widely utilized across various industries. Approved by the EPA, its effectiveness in eliminating odors, disinfecting medical facilities, and sanitizing food production processes has made it indispensable. But transitioning from a B2B chemical manufacturer to a direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce brand required a strategic overhaul.

Understanding Customer Needs: The Foundation of Our Strategy

We recognized the importance of understanding customer needs. Through in-depth research, we gained insights that shaped our comprehensive 360° marketing strategy for Pureline. This involved creating dedicated websites, developing compelling content, and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Crafting Compelling Content Across Platforms

Our content strategy spanned various platforms – social media, email marketing, blogs, webinars, and interactive infographics. We generated anticipation through teaser content and targeted email newsletters, while educational blog posts and user testimonials enhanced credibility. Live webinars and interactive infographics engaged our audience and facilitated lead generation.

Optimizing Strategy Through Real-Time Analysis

Continuous monitoring of engagement metrics allowed us to gather valuable feedback and make timely adjustments to our strategy. This data-driven approach resulted in increased product awareness and a successful product launch for Pureline.

Seizing Opportunities and Driving Growth

The endorsement of our brand by industry experts, including the ex-CEO of McDonald’s on Fox Business News, led to viral success in our marketing efforts. Introducing new brands, packaging, and expanding into retail channels like Walmart stores nationwide further propelled our growth.

Collaboration for Success

We worked closely with key stakeholders to optimize websites, enhance the online shopping experience, and develop tailored packaging and marketing materials for retail channels. Regular audits ensured consistency across all touchpoints, maintaining brand standards.

Measuring Success

The results spoke for themselves – a 700% increase in revenue and a 77% increase in website traffic. Our AdWords strategy garnered over three million online impressions, while our social media followers experienced exponential growth. Facebook and LinkedIn followers experienced a significant increase of 3900% and 23429%, respectively. We also ranked for 25 keywords on the first page of Google Search Results.

The journey of Pureline exemplifies the power of strategic marketing in transforming challenges into opportunities and driving growth in a competitive market. Through a well-coordinated, multi-touchpoint approach, we established brand consistency, achieved remarkable revenue growth, and solidified Pureline’s position as a leader in the chlorine dioxide market.