Built in the USA by the world’s innovator in drinking water systems, Natural Choice Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of drinking water appliances, water coolers, and filtration equipment. Natural Choice has earned several patents and design awards for its innovative products.

We took a great idea and unbottled it!

We had the privilege of partnering with Natural Choice Water, a company dedicated to providing premium drinking water appliances while championing sustainability and purity. Their mission was clear: increase brand recognition and drive traffic to their website. Here’s how we helped them achieve their goals through a strategic marketing campaign that blended traditional and digital techniques.

Promoting Purity and Sustainability

Natural Choice Water’s marketing approach centered on highlighting the purity of their water, eliminating platic bottles from landfills and their commitment to sustainability. Through advanced filtration methods and a dedication to reducing plastic usage, they aimed to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers and stand out in a crowded market.

Crafting an Engaging Website Experience

The cornerstone of our strategy was the careful planning of Natural Choice Water’s website design. With intuitive navigation, informative content, and captivating photography, the website aimed to guide visitors seamlessly towards making a purchase. Incorporating SEO optimization techniques ensured high visibility on search engines, attracting organic traffic.

Design Reflecting Core Values

Every aspect of Natural Choice Water’s branding, from the logo to the overall design, was meticulously crafted to reflect their commitment to purity and naturalness. Water droplets and leaf motifs evoked freshness and authenticity, while a color palette inspired by nature reinforced their sustainability.

Effective Email Marketing

Our campaign leveraged email marketing to engage customers on a personal level and drive conversions. From educational newsletters to exclusive offers, subscribers received tailored content that nurtured relationships and encouraged purchases. Automated email sequences streamlined communication and boosted conversions.

Offline Presence Amplified

Print materials such as brochures and promotional flyers complemented Natural Choice’s online presence, featuring captivating visuals and concise messaging. QR codes and unique discount codes enabled effective tracking of print marketing efforts and measured ROI.

Driving Results

Thanks to our comprehensive approach, Natural Choice Water saw significant improvements in website ranking and a steady flow of organic traffic. By seamlessly blending design elements with SEO optimization, they solidified their position as a trusted provider of premium drinking water appliances.

Our partnership with Natural Choice Water exemplifies the power of strategic marketing in driving brand recognition and fostering sustainability. Through a holistic approach that embraces both digital and traditional techniques, we helped Natural Choice Water not only quench thirsts but also nurture nature, one sip at a time.