A father’s life-saving effort to find a kidney donor and to bring awareness of kidney donation.

A small project leads to big, impactful results.

As a marketing agency deeply committed to our clients’ causes, we recently embarked on a profoundly personal journey to help one of our long-term clients. His quest? To raise awareness about kidney donation, a cause that hits close to home as he battles against time to find a lifesaving organ transplant.

For RVH, this isn’t just about extending his own life; it’s about being present for the milestones of his loved ones, particularly his daughters and future grandchildren. As a single father who has dedicated his life to his family, the urgency of his situation is critical.

Facing a waiting list of over five years for a deceased donor kidney, RVH’s doctors have grimly warned that time is not on his side. Despite the unwavering support of his family, none have been deemed suitable donors due to various health concerns. Faced with this stark reality, RVH turned to Integraphix to mobilize a community in dire need of heroes.

Yet, for this campaign, we remain acutely aware of the hesitations surrounding living kidney donation. Through diligent research and empathy, we’ve addressed these concerns, providing reassurance to potential donors and fostering a sense of trust within our community.

Together, we devised a strategy that prioritized grassroots efforts within RVH’s local community and areas close to his family. We knew that a national campaign wouldn’t capture the intimate urgency of his plea. Instead, we focused on leveraging local channels such as yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, car magnets, and strategic brochure displays in retail spaces frequented by potential donors.

Central to our approach was crafting a message that resonated on a deeply personal level. Through the voices of RVH’s loved ones – his daughters, grandchildren, cousins, and friends – we amplified the heartfelt plea: “Save My Dad, Save My Grandpa, Save My Cousin, Save My Friend.” This emotional appeal cut through the noise, driving engagement and igniting a wave of compassion within the community.

To further bolster our efforts, RVH took the reins in designing kidney4dad.com, a website that served as the epicenter of our campaign. With his vision and our expertise, we crafted a website that not only shared RVH’s story but also provided valuable information for potential donors.

The impact of our collective efforts was amazing. Website traffic surged by an astonishing 557%, a testament to the growing momentum behind RVH’s cause. As interest and engagement flourished, the possibility of finding a lifesaving donor became increasingly tangible.

In RVH’s quest for a second chance at life, we stand united – a beacon of hope in the face of adversity. Together, we have the power to turn the tide, to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and to prove that miracles do happen when communities come together in solidarity and compassion.

After just 2 months, right now I have two volunteers willing to donate. Both are 21 years old. The woman saw my car signs as she worked at the store next door. She left a note on my car. Her labs are scheduled. The guy is a senior in College. He already did labs and is waiting for hospital to respond. He sent me a note on Messenger.

Sign ups everywhere! You can’t imagine how great this is. The strategy is working perfectly.