P. Browne & Associates hires Integraphix with the task of revamping a logo for her renewed vision.

Patricia Browne’s journey with Integraphix began a decade ago when she sought our expertise to design a logo for her consulting venture. Within four months, Patricia was offered and assumed the position of Director of Operations at the National Children’s Center in Washington DC. the NCC was an organization and cause she believed in. Recognizing the value of our partnership, she promptly engaged Integraphix to bolster NCC’s marketing efforts.

Her tenure at NCC culminated in an impressive eight-year stint as President and CEO before gracefully stepping into retirement. Throughout this period, Integraphix remained a steadfast ally, collaborating with NCC for over a decade.

In her newfound leisure, Patricia sought to rekindle the spirit of entrepreneurship by reviving her consulting enterprise, P. Browne & Associates. Eager for a fresh start, she entrusted us with the task of crafting a revamped logo and business cards that reflect her renewed vision.

Patricia Browne can be contacted  at patricia@shifft2.com. Ask her about her new business!