Chlorine Dioxide Gas Sterilization For Biomedical Facilities

Biomedical facilities are hotbeds for many microbial contaminants. Whether the contamination is air or surface born, it is paramount that facilities have controlled and sterile environments. Current cleaning methods can be expensive, time consuming, and do not fully sterilize problem areas.

PureVISTA creates pure chlorine dioxide gas on-site, making it perfect for routine or emergency cleaning. PureVISTA is a portable, water-activated disinfection system that has the power to clean surfaces and facility air with unmatched effectiveness. PureVISTA is inexpensive, safe, and can be scaled to the specifications of any facility to deliver an effective dosage.

About Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide works by penetrating the cell wall of microorganism and disrupting the pathogen’s metabolic functions, thus immediately and permanently eliminating the problem at its source. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide at concentrations as low as 0.1 PPM over a wide pH range. It is more effective than ammonia and chlorine with no hazardous by-products. Studies from the FDA and EPA show that chlorine dioxide is effective in eliminating over 20 of the most common harmful pathogens. Contact us about ClO2 purification!

PureVISTA Advantages

  • Safe, portable and easy to use
  • No capital investment
  • Eliminates pathogens
  • No residue or post treatment cleanup

Targeted Applications

  • Complete or partial facility treatments
  • Isolators
  • HVAC/HEPA housing
  • Decontamination chambers
  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Surgical suites
  • Transport vans
  • BSL 1-4
  • Pass-through rooms

Common Pathogen Treatments

  • Geobaciluus stearothermophilus
  • Chlostridium difficile
  • Mycobacterium fortuitum
  • Vaccinia virus


  • Destroys 99.99% of pathogens on contact
  • Removes airborne pathogens to prevent recontamination


  • Total disinfection is accomplished
  • Area can be occupied immediately after treatment and ventilation
  • A PureVISTA application can be scaled to any size area


  • Does not require electricity or machinery
  • Allows for targeted treatment
  • Handheld applicator can be placed in hard to reach areas


  • Reduce the labor-intensive process of manual cleaning
  • Routine cleaning combined with a PureVISTA treatment maintains pathogen-free surfaces to keep facilities safe

Case Studies & Whitepapers

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PureVista is the first and only product to create pure ClO2 gas on-site, making it safe and easy to use for routine or emergency treatments.

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