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Dr. Brian Wrenn presents to a packed house at the Produced Water Society Annual conference in Houston this morning. ClO2 treatment of produced water and Flowback for reuse or disposal.  Brian has conducted a considerable amount of work for PureLine over the years.  From Ethanol, O&G to product design Brian has been a big help.

Image of Dr. Brian Wrenn

PureLine is starting a study to understand if using Chlorine Dioxide for O&G recycling will yield more oil.  Dr. Wrenn will be at the helm once again.  This is exciting research.  PureLine will attempt to understand if using chlorine dioxide yields more oil and the chemical mechanisms involved.

But PureLine will always lose to Brian’s real passion; the production and consumption of beer.  Brian is a true brew master.

Let PureLine and Brian Wrenn work for you.  Call PureLine to learn more about chlorine dioxide and our services.