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PureLine has teamed up with Know-NOx to provide a breakthrough technology for NOx.  The new patented process is effective against both nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).  The process is faster and more cost effective than any competing technology.

In February of 2016, Robert Richardson, Know-NOx’s President, presented at the EUEC meeting in San Diego.  His presentation was well attended.  The three day meeting was busy for PureLine and Know-NOx as attendees spent time learning about chlorine dioxide’s superiority in the gas phase.  Companies learned the flexibility of the technology.  Those facilities using SCR could augment the process with chlorine dioxide to push NOx removal above 90%.

Facilities that have not committed to a technology or considering a major  Capex project learned how Know-NOx’s chlorine dioxide technology could work as the solo technology.  It was amazing how many attendees of the EUEC had interest in PureLIne and Know-NOx.

Robert Richardson provided attendees with White Papers and discussions of installs.