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Stock MarketWe have all seen the run down.  The O&G market is very important to many of us.  It is time to buy those stocks.  Sure we all fear some O&G companies going bankrupt….just follow the easy path.  Buy some service companies….Halliburton or Baker Hughes (wait or they the same?).  But there are some good American O&G stocks…Newfield, Anadarko, EQT, Marathon…. all good companies.  See what the experts are saying.

Speaking of smart decisions, did you know most of the companies listed in “9 Favorite O&G Stocks” are PureLine customers.  These companies use our chlorine dioxide technology.  Why PureLine?  We have the best chlorine dioxide technology, most transparent operations….with clients having realtime monitoring of each application.  Stated by a good client to Tim Lathrop, PureLine’s  VP of O&G, ” you [PureLine] have my business indefinitely”.

And let’s not stop in North America; Liliana Guiscardo runs PureLine’s South American effort.  With new changes in Argentina politics PureLine expects to have a strong presence in their O&G market….When our equipment hits the Argentine soil we have trials set up and customers ready to start.

And our world would not be complete if we did not have a presence in the Middle East.  PureLine works with SG Petroleum in Saudi Arabia and Joint Scientific Group in Kuwait. PureLine is bidding on a project in Kuwait and expects to have equipment in KSA by the end of the 1st quarter.  Bob Sullivan is working with Middle Eastern clients.  Sullivan’s Arabic is terrible but his many friends in the Middle East are there for support.

Smart money is buying O&G Stocks ….. and Smart O&G players are buying PureLine’s chlorine dioxide services.  Call PureLine today and see what we can do for you.