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Do you really know if your water is clean?  Maybe you use Glut or Quat.  Maybe Chlorine.  But how do you know if your water specs have been reached.  That is the problem with Glut, Quat or Chlorine, you do not know.  Some experts will state, “well I did some test”…..ok, this works if your water quality is static….it is not static.  Maybe you convince yourself that your Glut, Quat or Chlorine dosage is effective…. but is it safe?  When researching Glut, Quat or Chlorine you will see terms like THMs, mutagenic, carcinogenic…does this sound safe?

Chlorine Dioxide Demand Study

Meet chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

  1. ClO2 is measurable to .1 ppm
  2. ClO2 is safe, one of the few chemicals used on organic produce
  3. Not just a biocide…. Chlorine Dioxide destroys sulfides (H2S), odors and removes metals (Iron, etc)

Watch the magic of chlorine dioxide in the next video.  In less than a minute, chlorine dioxide treats this highly damaged produced water.

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